The First Choice for Automation Development is a platform for the agile development of business automation systems. Created from high-level, customisable and feature-rich components, it enables functional prototypes in weeks not months, and MVPs can scale to full enterprise usage without refactoring or redesign.

Widely Adopted

Built with Javascript and Angular, and exposing in-demand components such as forms, payments, rules & actions, is ready for building today’s automation workflows.

Web, Cloud & Mobile

Designed to deliver the best experience for the lowest effort whether running in-browser, on-server or natively on a mobile device, puts the components where they work best.

Flexible & Scalable

Whether designing a prototype, or rolling out an MVP, to scaling up for high-volume enterprise deployment, compents are proven to reduce development time, cost and risk.


A core property of many workflows and controlled processes, is location-aware at its heart, from supporting location information to full hardware-based GPS-tracking.

Consumer to Enterprise

Whether processing thousands of consumer records or implementing hierarchical permission structures, adeptly manages personal, corporate or hybrid processes.

Public & Private

Most organisations manage external data flowing in, via internal processes, then return public outputs, and AppHalo offers convenient, native structures for these common scenarios.

Diverse Deployments forms the core of automation products in live events, social video dealflow, and medical trials: EventHalo is a popular festival and show management system, with tens of thousands of users; Inbound Deals is a white-label sponsorship management system used by large video networks, and MedHalo is a leading-edge clinical trial management system for increasing retention of trial subjects.


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